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At Compu-stor we know that many Western Australian Local Government Agencies are going through some major changes, if not now, then in the near future. Let the consultants at Compu-stor assist you with your needs. We have experts who have extensive experience working with Local, State and Federal Government Agencies assessing, developing, implementing and managing applications and systems and amalgamating these applications and systems for various needs.

Whether your agency is amalgamating or not, all Local government Agencies have certain requirements under the State Records Act 2000. The principles and standards set out under the State Records Act 2000 represent the core record keeping requirements for Western Australian State and Local Government Agencies.

If you require any assistance with your records or information management, Compu-stor can help you. At Compu-stor we can provide you with assistance with:





Local Government Agency’s requirements of the State Records Act 2000

The State Records Commission produces principles and standards to govern record keeping by State organisations under section 61 of the State Records Act 2000.

These are the core record keeping requirements for Western Australian Local and State Government Agencies. These standards are available from the State Records Office website The state records commission standards can be found on the State Records Office website 

Compu-stor is a preferred supplier for Local Government Agencies and as such, has the expertise to assist you with all of your Knowledge, Information and Records Management requirements. We have experts who can work with your own personnel or complete work for you, to manage all of your record keeping requirements under the State Records Act 2000 and the requirements of the State Records Commission.


System and application development, implementation, management, migration and amalgamation for Local Government Agencies


The consultants at Compu-stor have many years experience working with a number of Content, Information and Records Management Systems including; Trim, Objective, Filemaker, Recfind OurDocs and Records Manager and a number of other Electronic Document and Records Management Systems (EDRMS) and Content Management Systems (CMS). Our consultants have assessed, developed and implemented a number of applications to assist Federal, State and Local Government Agencies to meet their Information and Records Management requirements.

If you require any assistance in migrating or amalgamating systems, Compu-stor can provide the assistance you require. Our consultants have extensive experience with metadata models, file classification schemes, thesauri, business process mapping, application and system integrations and data migrations for all the commonly used systems and applications.


Corporate Governance and Compliance


There are certain Corporate Governance and Compliance requirements under the State Records Act 2000. At Compu-stor we understand your agency’s Governance and Compliance requirements. We have the expertise to assist you in appraising and keeping your records within a compliant governance framework. Our consultants can help you formulate and implement policies, procedures, standards and guidelines to assist your agency with changes in record keeping practices that result from changing practices within Government.

Compu-stor’s facilities meet all the compliance requirements for the storage of Local and State Government record keeping. Our facilities are all fully accredited and we provide state of the art storage for all records media. From hard copy paper records to network back-up tapes, Compu-stor provides best practice information and records management and storage.


Our Storage Facilities


WALGA approved records and document storage facility


Record keeping Plans and Self Assessments


At Compu-stor we have the expertise to assist you in managing your Self Evaluation Checklists and Record keeping Plans that are required for regular submission every five years. Our experts can work with your own personnel, or we can perform and complete your Self Evaluation Checklists and develop your Record keeping Plans for submission. Our consultants have many years of experience working with State and Local Government Agencies developing Record keeping Plans for approval.


Retention and Disposal Schedules and assistance with understanding and interpreting the General Disposal Authorities (GDA) and Sector Disposal Authorities


Our consultants have many years of experience working with the General Disposal Authorities (GDAs), Sector Disposal Authorities (SDAs) and State Records Office (SRO) Published Guidelines and Standards. We can assist your organisation with your record keeping requirements under the General Disposal Authorities (GDAs), Sector Disposal Authorities (SDAs) and SRO Guidelines and Standards. We have the expertise to assess and develop your functional Retention and Disposal Schedule for the regular required submission and approval or whenever your agency’s functional change requires a new Retention and Disposal Schedule.

Our consultants can work with your own personnel or do the work for you, to get your Retention and Disposal Schedule approved. We can also assist in applying for the destruction of Local Government Records when the needs arise. A number of our consultants also have extensive experience in the preservation of State and Local Government Records.

WALGA Preferred Supplier

Compu-Stor is a WALGA preferred supplier that offers records management and physical storage solutions. Compu-Stor not only provides business application solutions – we are your one-stop shop for all records management and imaging solutions.

These solutions range include:

  • Document storage
  • Imaging solutions
  • Secure document destruction
  • IT solutions
  • Business solutions around corporate governance, compliance, record keeping plans, retention and disposal schedules.


Why use a WALGA preferred supplier?


WALGA lobbies and negotiates on behalf of WA Local Government members to explore strategic partnering and to provide guidance on purchasing.

You have the peace of mind that Compu-Stor has been through a stringent tender process, and has met WALGA’s requirements for an approved supplier. As such, we are able to offer WALGA members services that are guaranteed value for money, while saving them the hassle of going through their own tender process.

To register your interest in our services and have one of our records management specialists contact you, please fill in the attached form.

Compu-Stor specialises in records management and related services, and can ensure that Local Government members have an independent business who will assist them with their multitude of challenges and ever-changing requirements.

As a local, Western Australian owned and operated business, we have been providing services to thousands of Western Australian businesses, including many Local Government members since 1987.

As WALGA preferred supplier, we have a clear understanding of the challenges that Local Government members face. With changes and amalgamations in Local Government occurring, Compu-Stor is well equipped to support your business in all Records Management matters.

Our Specialists can offer WALGA members support and solutions based on your unique needs. Every customer is different and one size does not necessarily fit all. We understand this, and will work with you to create a solution that gives you exactly what you need.

Struggling with where to start? Let one of our specialists give you a records management health check! We will review this check with you and work out a customised action plan.

By using our state-of-the-art custom-built records management facility that we built in 2012, and our Quality Management Systems certified to ISO 9011, you know that your records are stored to the highest standards.

Come and visit us today! To make an appointment or for more information, contact us at or call 1300559778

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