After Hours Requests

Due to the nature of our business, Compu-Stor understands that any storage item may be needed by the customer at any time of the day, on any day of the year. To service these needs, Compu-Stor has a system in place that allows the customer to request retrieval and delivery 24/7.

Compu-Stor have made use of a dedicated phone number for these after hours requests that will always be relayed directly to one of our Operations Team. Our staff are always prepared to service these requests in a timely manner and will personally deliver any requested items to the customer’s office.

The urgent nature of an after hours request sometimes makes it difficult for the customer to follow the normal procedure and submit orders in writing immediately. To this end, Compu-Stor will take an after hours request over the phone and arrange for the customer to confirm the order in writing after the matter of urgency has passed. Signed confirmation on a Delivery Work Order will still be required when the actual delivery takes place.

To contact our afterhours number phone 08 9443 6222

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