Why chose Compu-Stor?


Compu-Stor is the only approved WALGA supplier for offsite document storage and records management. We have been in business since 1987 and as well as being ISO certified we are 100% Australian owned and operated. This means when you’re dealing with Compu-Stor your dealing with people who have our community’s best interests at heart.

With the pending amalgamations I’ve got no idea where to start.

Let Compu-Stor relieve you of some of the burdens of your pending amalgamations we have extensive experience in the following:


  • Governance and compliance requirements
  • Record keeping plans
  • Retention and disposal schedules
  • Amalgamation of databases
  • Offsite records storage
  • Scanning and digitalisation of your records

When the amalgamations finally happen we are worried we won’t have the staff to manage the mammoth task of moving our records offsite or to our new facility.

Compu-Stor has decades of experience assisting company’s and organisations relocating and archiving records of all shapes and sizes. With the right preparation and management, any move small or large can be handled by the team at Compu-Stor. Whether we are relocating records internally or moving them to a new facility, or into our own purpose built document storage facility, Compu-Stor has the experience and resources to assist.

Our council isn’t within the metropolitan area how do you plan to manage the greater community.

Compu-Stor has been servicing the greater Western Australian community since day one. With advancements in scanning technologies we can deliver electronic records back to our clients faster than we can deliver the physical.  If you choose to use Compu-Stor, you get free access to our online web interface CIMS which gives you unrestricted access to your records whether you’re in the CBD or as far away as Karratha.

Do we need to change our current numbering system?

Not at all, we can manage all your existing data as is, however we do require a cross reference to our barcodes, though this can be a simple process which we do or can assist you with.

How do my records get from my office to your facility?

Compu-Stor employs its own drivers so when you’re ready for your archives to be picked up a designated Compu-Stor driver will allocated to complete your collection. If your records are coming in from a regional area, Compu-Stor can arrange a quote or you’re more than welcome to use your preferred courier company.

I need a quote to take to my manager before anything can happen.

No problem, if you’re able to answer a few simple question surrounding your requirements the team at Compu-Stor can give you a comprehensive quote as well as an estimated costing projection so not only will you have no surprises, you’ll be able to budget this into your financial year.

We’ve always kept our records onsite how do we know we will be able to access our records in a timely manner.

Our standard service is : if you order before 10.30am we deliver those records that day, if your order before 3pm your records will be delivered the following day and any urgent order will be made within 3 hours of your request. Of course this applies to the CBD and surrounding suburbs, as mentioned before, if you require records sooner we have the scan on demand service which will get your records digitally to you within 2 hours.

We store many building plans for our area and we need to access these on a regular basis.

Compu-Stor has a proven track records of scanning plans and electronically delivering plans back to councils who have then been in a position to print and pass on the charges incurred from this service.

We need boxes how do we go about getting them

Whether you’re storing with us or not, you’re more than welcome to take advantage of our specialised records boxes. Any council can set up an account and order boxes online.  Please email robert@compu-Stor.com.au for a quote.

1st things 1st we are planning on doing a big clean out can you help

Off course we can help, if you require destruction bins we have them in stock and if your records are already in boxes we’ll pick them up. If you need assistance with labour we have the people and experience to help.