YAY!!! OMG!!!  You ARE AMAZING!!!  Thank you, I will ask my manager and get back to you ASAP Amanda. I really appreciate all your efforts and quick responses, I am a huge advocator of good customer service as it has become a rare thing, so having said that I would like to say .... THANK YOU!!! I hope you have a lovely weekend!!
Good afternoon Robert, I would just like to thank you for the amazing assistance you and your team have been even though we have been such a difficult and demanding client both on your son’s birthday and today. It really is much appreciated. When your driver picks up the first lot of archiving from here to add to the existing files there is a wee gift for you. Have a pleasant evening.
Hello Amanda, I am pleased to advise that the IT problems that were problematic here yesterday, have now been corrected.    I have received all email order advice notifications this morning. Thank you to yourself and your staff for phone checks and email test messages
I want to thank you Amanda for all your searching around for the file, I very much appreciate your assistance in this matter.
Hi guys Last Wednesday I tendered my resignation. After 12.5 years I think it’s time to move on. I was approached by ****** to be part of their support team so all going well, I’ll be starting with them next month. My last day is Wednesday 23 April. Guys, it has been an absolute pleasure knowing and working with you. Thank you for all of your support during my years in Records. You are a fabulous team and I’ll miss you. **** will be taking over the role so all correspondence and invoices etc can now be directed to her. Do I need to complete any paperwork for this? Thanks again for everything xx